Tips for Debt Relief – These Won’t Think!


If you have accumulated debt over the years, you are not the only one. Especially as a result of the quick tips that landed in Finland, the debt curve of Finns started to rise quite significantly. Quick draws were taken from the right and left and could not be paid off at all. The nipple was paid off with another lever and the debt spiral was finished right away.

The interest rate cap that came into effect in 2013 did not help. Some companies that provide instant liens closed, but some just found a way to get around the interest rate ceiling by offering bigger loans. Instead of taking a few hundred loans, the Finns were now offered thousands of euros in loans. Debt volumes thus increased.

The instant tip and loan were easily received


Over the weekend or via text message before leaving for entertainment. It was not thought of as either, until the high-interest bill fell out of the mailbox. In addition, instant tips and loans were easy to apply for by SMS and the money was in the account immediately. Especially in a little drunk or shopping drug, such quick money was very much appreciated, and the penalties were then quite severe at a later stage.

Many Finns still pay off their debts ten years after they even took out the debt. This makes daily life very challenging and financial stress many. When debt is paid off, the economy becomes easier to manage, stress is reduced, and you can afford to buy much more and travel more.

In this article, we’ll look at the best ways to pay off your debt – and you might not even have thought of it!

Year of leniency


Take one full year and hype up your money like a Roope Duck in a can. In practice, this means you shouldn’t buy anything you don’t really need. Visit discount stores and buy large quantities of food and discount if possible. Cook food at home and don’t eat out. Avoid bar trips and party at home instead.

You can save yourself a long penny by traveling to work by bike, walking or even taking public transport. Coach rides also save money. Avoid spending money on entertainment, movies, shopping or anything else you don’t need. When you put yourself on a decent diet for your household, you may find that you are already saving hundreds of a month.

This means that you can get your loan paid off a little faster. The faster you pay off your loan, the cheaper it will be for you. And, of course, the faster you can start putting your loan repayment amount into savings, for example, or even using it to travel and entertain. Namely, one year passes through an adult’s life at such a rate that it does not seem like time or anything.

Set an extra loan repayment automatically

Set an extra loan repayment automatically

You may pay off your loan on the first day of the month or halfway through the month. This is the minimum reduction that you should make at least monthly. It’s a good idea to set it up for automatic payment through your own online bank, which is easy. But in addition to this, you might want to set an additional payment to leave your account each month. It can be a small amount, for example 20-50 euros. Namely, such a small additional repayment helps to repay the loan more quickly downstream.

You may not notice the extra $ 20 leaving your account each month. After all, you could use it worse, such as candy, treats, movie tickets or something else. Instead, put the extra twenties off the loan, and the loan will be reduced by two hundred years faster than it would otherwise be. Even small sums grow large streams.

Take a side job to your account

Even if you work full time, you can take on a little extra work, for example, one or two nights a week. For example, you can use weekends to do extra work. For example, you can watch children or dogs, distribute mail, do freelance work, factory cleaning, or whatever.

Then promise yourself that all the money from this extra work will go straight to paying off the loan. Do not use this money for anything but the repayment of the loan. Any small amount will help you pay off your loan quickly.

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