Debt restructuring for trainees.


Trainees only get a low salary. That is why the banks do not grant loans to this professional group. You only get a low overdraft on the checking account. However, if a trainee has larger liabilities, it will be difficult to repay them. Many of those affected therefore want debt restructuring for trainees. But that’s not as easy as you might think. See for a summary

The first salary

The first salary

As a rule, trainees are young people who have no experience with money. The first salary, even if it is only a training allowance, entices you to buy many things. In addition, most of them can overdraw their checking accounts after just a few months.

These are all things that are seductive and young people can quickly fall into a debt trap. If the debt grows over your head, many want to get out of trouble with a debt rescheduling for trainees. But now the problems are just beginning. Because of the low income, banks have a problem with lending a student.

The parents

The parents

The banks do not grant loans to trainees. Therefore there is only one way to get rid of the debt burden. These are the lovely parents. Because once the overdraft facility has been used in full, it can no longer be used to reschedule trainees. The limit is then reached. You can only advise young people not to get cocky with their first salary.

Training is just the beginning of your professional life. Further costs for further training measures must always be expected. With employers, the money is no longer too loose and many employees have to pay for their training courses out of their own pockets.

Anyone who has accumulated debts at a young age can thus hinder their professional career. The motto is to step shorter. With a right salary, you can then quietly fulfill one or the other wish.

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